What is this 365postcards project all about?

We all remember the delight of receiving something in the mail, but with the increase of email, mobile phones and the internet, our mailboxes have been going hungry.

This project is going to change that for 365 people.

So I am looking for 365 people to volunteer to be the recipient of a postcard, one sent each and every day for a whole year….by me!

Experience the excitement of running to your mailbox every day wondering if today is the day you will receive your very own snippet of wisdom, in the form of a colourful, wacky postcard.

What will it say? What will it look like? There’s only one way to find out!

All you have to do is email your name and postal address to threesixtyfivepostcards@yahoo.com


Then once the project has started you will receive a personalised postcard within the following 365 days! For your peace of mind, all names and addresses will be destroyed immediately once the postcard is sent and will never be used for any other purpose. Guaranteed!

Then while you are waiting to receive your postcard you can follow the progress of the project here, as this blog will be updated daily, once the postcard sending has commenced.



One Response to “What is this 365postcards project all about?”

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    […] ago, I signed up to an exciting project by a fellow Perth woman, Kacy. She decided to embark on a 365 adventure of different proportions. Instead of taking a photo of herself/something/food every day for a year, […]

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