Who am I? And why am I embarking on such a project?

Subtitle – Am I crazy? And collecting addresses just so I come around and steal your garden gnomes?

I thought I should introduce myself.

And tell you all a bit about me since many of you have graciously shared a titbit of your personal information with me and are now possibly feeling a little vulnerable at opening up to a complete stranger. Well I am not a crazed elderly man with a gnome fetish. Nor am I a seven year old with an extensive vocabulary. I am a 20 something lady who works, studies and collects….collects postcards that is!

I have been collecting postcards for many years now, it all started when I was looking for an alternative to boring ol news agency party invites for my birthday. I was sick of receiving my invites in the form of emails with a little balloon pictures stuck on the bottom to inject a minute amount of party spirit into an otherwise void form of communication. What happened to receiving gaudy invites in the mail, graced with demented looking monkeys spewing confetti in all sorts of primary colours? In fact what happened to receiving mail at all? I missed the surprise of a hand written envelope that you knew wasn’t from the bank or the pizza guy down the road with a special on lasagne. I wanted to bring back, if only for a few friends, the surprise of receiving the unexpected.

So as I was wandering around Fremantle, ducking in and out of bookstores, I spotted a tourist shop. Well it was hard to miss actually, with it’s plethora of articles bearing the Australian flag, it’s cork hats, and most importantly ……crazy cheap postcards. You know the ones. 20 cents a pop for your own piece of cardboard artwork, these ones cleverly Photoshopped so that kangaroos were driving a ute. Oh yes. They were gaudy. And possible quite degrading to the Australian culture….but did I mention they were only 20 cents? So that year my birthday invites went out on postcards and the obsession began.

It started with buying a few postcards here and there to post off to friends as a surprise. But then I started getting attached to my postcards as if they were some kind of cardboard child. I couldn’t post off my child now could I? So I kept them. Bought more. Sent some. Fell in love. I loved discovering the wacky ones, the ones that made no sense, and the ones with animals doing funny things on them. And then I decided I wanted to share, not only my love of writing with others, but the excitement of getting a postcard in the mail. I will also be scanning each of the postcards and posting the image up each day on this blog so you can all share with me the wonderful and quirky postcards that are being sent!

So here I am. That’s why I am here begging you all for more addresses so I can complete this project and hopefully bring a little joy into a few people’s lives. And no gnome stealing…..I promise.

Please, if you haven’t already, get on board with this project by sending your name and address to threesixtyfivepostcards@yahoo.com and for those of you who haven’t read the intro, no addresses will be revealed and they will be destroyed after the postcards is sent. No funny business.

I look forward to writing to you.



6 Responses to “Who am I? And why am I embarking on such a project?”

  1. Catherine Escandon Says:

    Hi Kacy! Thanks for letting us know who you are. I think this is a really great project you are taking on. I love to get mail, and you’re right, there isn’t enough of it these days. I live in Texas, but I was lucky enough to go live in Melbourne, Australia for a year back in 2002. It was one of the best times of my life and I plan to come back again some day. I loved Australia and I think you are so lucky to live there! Thanks again for including perfect strangers in your project!


    • threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

      Thanks Catherine and Joe for your comments and thanks for taking part in my project as well. I am so glad actually that 95% of my addresses so far are from complete strangers or friends of friends whom I have never met. It makes it far more exciting this way……I was terrified that I would end up sending postcards to my family all year. 🙂 I look forward to writing to you and keep an eye on the website for updates.


  2. Joe Says:

    Hey, I just want to say i think this is an awesome idea. Sadly i’ve yet to visit Australia, and sure maybe the postcards wont be accurate but, i bet it’ll be great!

  3. Richard & Jo-Ann Gurney Says:

    Saw your website on my nephew Jono Gurney’s blog and thought “what a cool idea”, so here my address.


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