Two days until the postcards start getting sent.

Okay, so I am rather excited that my year long project starts in only 2 days. Will I get enough addresses? Will I go crazy in the process and start dreaming of cardboard postcard zombies chasing me down an alleyway while I try to defend myself with a box of stamps, hoping to satiate their postage desires? Who knows?

The preparations have begun. The pile of blank postcards on my desk is now quite substantial, their glossy artwork glowing while their blank undersides are ready to receive my wisdom……or perhaps some crazy ranting disguised as wisdom. I received a wonderful gift of a box of stamps to get me on my way. I now have 138 addresses so that’s enough to get me over a third of the way through, but I will still be bugging you all to join in the project and to bug all your friends to join until I reach 365 addresses. πŸ™‚

I have decided that I will wait a week before posting the picture of each postcard so that the person receiving it doesn’t get their surprise spoilt by seeing it on the website before it’s even arrived in their letter box.

So please follow along with me on my journey and let’s see where this takes me.

I look forward to writing to you



9 Responses to “Two days until the postcards start getting sent.”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hehehehe… cardboard zombies! Man, I want to make an animated zombie movie with cardboard zombies, now!

  2. Geoffrey Hodge Says:

    I follow a few people from Perth on Twitter and heard of your project. I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA. Where do I send my address? Would love a card!

  3. Sarah Says:

    Do I get a postcard?

  4. Steffeni Says:

    A comic strip? YES! WANT.

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