5 postcards sent already!

Wow, before I know it I’ll be sending postcard number 365 whilst sipping cocktails on some tropical island, or eating soft cheese beneath the Eiffel Tower. Something exotic I am sure, I mean who doesn’t want to imagine themselves being somewhere dreamy and exciting in a years time? Although if I do find myself in little ol Perth when I send the last postcard, I’ll still feel very chuffed having made it through the whole project without driving myself, or any loved ones crazy. It’s quite possible though that I will have incurred a few paper cuts. Had several stressful days not being able to find a postbox. Even reduced myself to reciting the alphabet on someone’s postcard having completely run out of things to say (okay so that last one is fairly unlikely, but you never know).

So a few of you addressees should be receieving your postcards in your letter boxes very soon! So make sure you keep an eye out. And there was a great suggestion made by an adressee that if you would like to take a picture of you and your postcard, I would very much welcome them and would then upload them to the blog.

If you want to receive your own postcard and haven’t signed up already or if you have taken a photo of yourself with your postcard and would like to upload it, just send it my way…..



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4 Responses to “5 postcards sent already!”

  1. andrew Says:

    can u send me a post card

  2. Han Kloos Says:

    send my a postcard . I,m de grandmother from Simone van Hattem ense told my about this . greetings From Granny Han

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