365postcards was on the radio

So last week I was contacted by a local radio station who had heard about the 365postcards project and wanted to do an interview with me. I, of course, happily obliged as as any publicity that would possibly get me towards that magical number of 365 addresses so I could complete the project is alright in my books. So this morning I got to sit in a comfy chair, opposite the delightful Gillian O’Shaughnessy and do my second favourite thing after writing postcards and that’s TALKING about writing postcards. I even learnt some previously unknown facts about postcards.

1. The official name for a postcard collector is a deltiologist. I know? Who would have thought? So thanks to the unnamed caller who called the radio station to advise me of that fact. I may even add it on my business cards.

Kacy Mateljan – dilettante photographer, part time blogger and deltiologist. Too long? 🙂

2. The first postcard was created in 1861. Thanks to addressee and friend Simon for that fact.

Any way, thanks to the support of the lovely people at ABC 720 I have cracked the half way mark in address collection! I just received another 6 addresses this afternoon now taking the grand total to 186 addresses with only another 179 to get. And of course, the postcard sending has started with the 6th postcard being posted today.

If you want to hear the interview then head to http://tinyurl.com/ybaj5qf

And of course if you want to sign up and be a part of the project just email your name and address to threesixtyfivepostcards@yahoo.com


2 Responses to “365postcards was on the radio”

  1. Bambola Says:

    OH!!! I got my postcard! Thank you Miss Kacy! I’ve put it on Flickr and tagged it with threesixtyfivepostcards.

    ❤ it.

    Road Trips, music blaring, Olivia dolls & a Melbourne stamp. Perfect!! x

    • threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

      Hi Liv!
      I am so glad you liked your postcard! If you want to email me the photo, I will actually upload it when I upload the copy of your postcard, so people can see who it got sent to and that I’m not just writing postcards and not sending them! Haha. Great pic by the way.

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