2/365: It’s a good friday…but for different reasons

Sent 2 April 2010

I love holidays. And even though I am not religious so they have no special meaning to me, I like the way it makes people act. For some reason Christmas and Easter somehow gives us permission to be kind to strangers. The woman who serves me at my local IGA normally will not utter more than “$5.50….cheque or savings” but suddenly on Good Friday she was a barrel of sunshine. Throwing smiles over here and “have a nice days” over there. As my hands met with a bloke in thongs over the last packet of hot dogs, I squared my shoulders for the fight the was surely to ensue. I looked him up and down to see whether I could take him, but when I reached his face, it wasn’t contorted in anger, but instead his features were moulded into……a smile? Oh yes, holidays bring out the best in people and thong bloke graciously handed over the last package of processed meat to me and wandered away maybe looking for a tofu alternative.

Why can’t we always be nice to eachother?

Till tomorrow



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