3/365: The Longest Time

Sent 3 April 2010

I love roadtrips. Long or short, I don’t care as long as I’m heading away from home with music blaring and snacks overflowing. So when a friend invited me to join her at her family’s beach house about an hour south of Perth I jumped at the chance. Now I always have certain songs that I must listen to when I am on a road trip, this time it was made easier by the fact I was driving alone and therefore had no one to fight over the stereo with. Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Billy Joel were all on my list. Growing up with this music, I couldn’t help but know all the lyrics, which of course led to some over-exuberant car dancing but suddenly The Longest Time by Billy Joel came on and I had to stop singing. Why? Because as anyone who knows the song is aware, there are loads of little “oos and ahhs” and various other back up singer parts that wind their way through the song and as kids, my brother an I had divvied up which parts each of us would sing. So although now I can recite all the words to We Didn’t Start The Fire, when it comes to The Longest Time I am relegated to only ooing.

Till tomorrow


**The lovely addressee who received this postcard sent in a photo of herself with it. Isn’t it cute! So if anyone else receives their postcard and would like to send it a photo of themselves with it, please do!


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