4/365: Stickler for Spelling

Sent 4 April 2010

This was one of my “you know you’re getting old when…” moments. I hate bad spelling and with the propensity of today’s youth to not only spell incorrectly because they don’t know better, but because it’s cool, drives me mad. I am a card carrying advocate for the destruction of text speak. Can a language really function to inspire and create without the use of vowels?

So when I see obvious spelling mistakes on signs, it troubles me that the person who created it either had no dictionary, no internet, or merely no desire to purport a professional face. Get with it people. Language is our means by which we communicate and without it…..well we’d still be animals. So start treating it with the respect it deserves, bring back your vowels and go buy a dictionary.

Till tomorrow



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2 Responses to “4/365: Stickler for Spelling”

  1. Tim Pokorny Says:


  2. OeterB Says:

    The one thing that annoys me even more is when a marketing campaign deliberately misspells words to be edgey and catchy. Gah :@

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