7/365: Avian Addicts

Sent 7 April 2010

The first random pondering appears.

I have been told I think too much. And there has got to be some truth in that when I read back what I wrote on today’s postcard. It really makes no sense as to why I would even bother to put thought into a flock of birds over a petrol station let alone come to a zany conclusion based on the fact that the birds were in fact addicts.

I guess I like to think there is more to life then what you notice at first glance. The lady serving you at Subway, might in fact spend her night’s as a cabaret singer, using the extra cash to fund her growing collection of antique teapots. That bus you see every morning might actually be transporting high grade plutonium to a research facility focussed entirely on using it to generate 1.21 gigawatts of power to run their very own flux capacitor.

Do I think too much? Yes!

But does that make my life just that little more interesting? Definitely!

Till tomorrow



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4 Responses to “7/365: Avian Addicts”

  1. Topaz Says:

    there is an Alfred Hitchcock film and in fact a Barbie doll along similar lines….

    ps- thanks for the postcard, its on my fridge!

  2. threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

    Haha. That Barbie is awesome. I never had a Barbie growing up either, only one Ken….weird, I know! Glad you liked your postcard.


  3. claire Says:

    thinking can also be a curse if internalised but seems like u have your outlets sorted 😛

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