8/365: 70% off

Sent 8 April 2010

Everyone has a trait that they blame their mother for. Mine is my inability to keep my bargain purchases to myself. Someone compliments my shoes…70% off, I yell. I get asked where I got my brooch from….eBay! In bulk! For $1.95! I can’t just accept the compliment and move on. The part Liverpudlian blood that courses through my veins, whispers to me of every bargain I have every purchased and makes me proud to be thrifty.

Till tomorrow.


UPDATED this has got to be one of my FAVOURITE postcards, mainly because Cinema City used to be my favourite cinema in Perth. I was so sad when they closed it. 😦 And this postcard is a part of a very funny collection displaying the weird and wonderful places in Perth. Another one is coming up soon!


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3 Responses to “8/365: 70% off”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I say it’s the European in you!

  2. OeterB Says:

    Wait, what? One bottle of conditioner has lasted you a year? Barely lasts me a month, it seems…

  3. threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

    Sarah. Yeah it wouldn’t surprise me!
    Peter. It’s a gigantic bottle! Takes two hands to pick it up (last part may be a slight exaggeration)

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