9/365: Hey Hey, it’s….Wednesday?

Sent 9 April 2010

I hate Hey Hey, it’s Saturday…or Wednesday…or whenever the hell it’s on now. It’s an irrational hatred really and something I can’t really explain, it’s just that show rubs me the wrong way like a crappy massage. So when I heard this young whipper snapper expounding the genius of a show that can only be described as the lowest form of humour it annoyed me. What about the true geniuses out there? When will they become the idols to the next generation? Why does it have to be TV celebrities and football players? If I ever have children I hope they will have pictures of scientists, artists  and philosophers on their walls. They will have Einstein themed birthday parties and read books in their spare time.

Okay, so have I ranted long enough now? Yes? Rant over


Hello lovely addressee no. 9!


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2 Responses to “9/365: Hey Hey, it’s….Wednesday?”

  1. claire Says:

    i like the postcard text, observational humour is good but man dont discount slapstick! red faces was genius. now this statement while it might grate u will be used to illuminate my discrepancies with ur postcard blog. 1 anyone at anytime can use the word genius and not mean it in any literal sense but an adjective to be replaced with by “awesome” or something similar. 2. a ten year old would relate more to slapstick humour, do u remember being ten, farts are funny….sidenote…still are… im still ten. 3. ive heard before “i dont like darryl summers, that sidekick lady was annoying, what the hell does the ostrich really bring to the show and why is plucker appealing?” etc but come on the brilliance (not literal) of red faces is undeniable and its influence is far reaching into the psyche of many an australian today! did it not make u wanna juggle, learn magic or replicate a virtual toboggan ride with mates ? i mean i havent seen the show in years but watching those 2 aussie comedians, one does the sounds, the other the actions, totally forget their name but were on rove, do a impersonation of a virtual car crash totally took me back to the virtual toboggan on red faces, there are moments of gold (not literal, they dont deserve gold medals) on that show that will stay with my forever! come on, can u deny its addition to the aussie humour is irreplaceable? and i think funny 🙂 but each to their own on that one 🙂

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