14/365: I locked myself out of the house today

Sent 14 April 2010

It happens to all of us. Hopefully not too many times, but we have all experienced that sinking feeling as the door swings shut just as you recall your keys aren’t on you. It was 7 in the morning, I was meant to be starting work in half an hour and, understandably my real estate agent was still in bed and no one was answering their phones. As I walked the perimeter of the house, thinking of the least expensive thing to break that would get me inside, the mental picture of my spare key, sitting proudly on my dining table taunted me. I kicked the screen door in a rather tantrumey way, huffing as I went, hoping my belligerence would magically force it to open. It didn’t and I had to control my urge to fall onto the ground wailing and beating the concrete with my fists.

Instead I spent the next three hours, catching buses (lets’ not mention the fact I got on the wrong bus) and chasing down real estate ladies. Oh then I hid my spare key. Not on the dining table.

Till tomorrow



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2 Responses to “14/365: I locked myself out of the house today”

  1. Bambola Says:

    I’ve done that. I think I managed to do it three times in the space of 2 weeks. Haven’t done it since. Climbing through tiny windows is fun & story-worthy only once. After that it’s more like “oh for goodness’ sake!! Not Ah-GAIN!!!”

  2. threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

    Haha. I know the feeling. I haven’t locked myself out of the house in years and this was the second time in a month! I though of hiding the spare key after the first time, but I though NAH, I’m not gonna lock myself out AGAIN. Alas, I did. 😦

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