No-one will call you normal ever again


The whole reason for starting this project was of course my love of postcards, so when I noticed my collection was getting a little thin, I jumped at the chance for a night time stroll to my local postcard gurus down at Planet. Well when I say getting thin, what I really mean is that I have developed an unnatural attachment to too many of the postcards that I have and I can’t bear to send them….yet. I might send off some of my favourites over the year, but for now I am happy to be buying new postcards every few weeks to send. This also means I get to discover more postcards that I haven’t seen before.

I was drooling over a set of Cuban postcards that were housed in a cigar box and the 100 pack of Penguin postcards featuring 100 different Penguin book covers. But expensive box sets aside, I ended up with a lovely little collection that I will be sending over the next few weeks. My favourite would have to be one with the words “No-one will call you normal ever again” on the front and I was pondering whether perhaps it was prophetic? Maybe this zany project of mine will be the determining point in my life when I decide to full embrace my peculiar nature and leave behind the traces of normality that currently cling to me?

I hope so



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