15/365: Personalised Mug

Sent 15 April 2010

Growing up all I ever wanted was a mug with my name on it. I was scathingly jealous of my normally-spelt named friends when they waltzed into nameless gift stores and picked up gaudy pink plastic assorted crap with their names emblazoned on the sides. I didn’t care about mugs and pencil cases, or little notepads with “a note from so and so” written on the top of each page all I craved was the personalisation. You could have given me a grapefruit tattooed with Kacy and I would have been happy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love that I was named after a minor character from Magnum PI. I believe she was a surfer girl who appeared in no more than three episodes before she was killed off. I like that, although my name itself isn’t that odd, it is spelt uniquely. As an adult I can appreciate the quirkiness an oddly-spelt name can bring to a person and hell with names like Moonbeam and Apple, who am I kidding? I was the lucky one.

But I still want that mug.

Till tomorrow



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