17/365: I WON!

Sent 17 April 2010

Internet scams. Well they must fool someone to make it feasible for these people to continue to soil my inbox. I have always had a very mild superpower in that my email address has thus far managed to stay off these insidious mailing lists, though I often listen in horror to those around me as they explain exactly how many emails a day clutter their lives with obviously outrageous claims.

That was until starting this project. Now I have a new email address specifically to receive addresses for the project and my very mild superpower has gone the way of Superman covered in kryptonite. It began a week ago, with a seemingly desperate lady yelling FOR THE LOVE OF GOD at me from the subject line. She then went on to explain her dreadful situation and how god had led her to MY email address so she could give me loads of money. WOW, HOW LUCKY AM I? And then, would you believe my luck, the next day I WON THE LOTTO! IN ENGLAND! Although the logistics of that aren’t exactly clear to me, who am I to complain that even though I haven’t been to the UK in years and I am pretty sure I didn’t buy a lotto ticket whilst I was there, I still managed to win? It must be my lucky week.

So far though no one has tried to sell me Viagra AT DISCOUNT PRICES!

Till tomorrow



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