22/365: Tripod monster

Sent 22 April 2010

We all like a little fear, surely that’s why horror movies and carnival rides were invented, but when fear creeps up uninvited it can all get a little vomit-worthy. Oh yes, I said vomit. There are varying degrees of fear which each of us find enjoyable. Some peoples threshold might be a rubber snake in a peanut can, others are quite happy to watch a gore flick, whilst sitting in an empty alley way. In a bad neighbourhood. While a serial killer is on the loose. Holding a signing proclaiming “Murder me or bust”.

I am tucked somewhere in the middle of those extremes. I still watch scary movies but I watch them peeking though the gaps in my fingers. So it was a touch too much for me to walk into my house at night only to be confronted by what I believed to be a homicidal stalker waiting to suffocate me with contact paper. Once my heart beat had returned to normal, I gave my tripod a little kick, as if I was saying, “Don’t you ever do that to me again Mister”.

Till tomorrow



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