23/365: Start spreading the news

Sent 23 April 2010

I have always wished my life had a soundtrack like the people in movies. Having a kick ass song playing as you strut down the street, waving at people with wild abandon because your life is just so damn cool….who wouldn’t want that? Before the days of iPods, I used to walk around with my discman in my pocket, the tracks skipping if I walked with a little too much bounce and one side of my pants always falling down with the weight, but man I felt invincible.

Then my dream began one day whilst listening to Billy Joel’s Allentown. Where was Allentown? Could I visit the place that Billy was singing about? Will their be factories closing down? Could I walk the streets of Allentown whilst listening to Allentown? Surely many people had done that very thing many times before, but I wanted to be one of them. Upon some investigation there seems to be some disagreements on which Allentown he was actually singing about (as there are several in the US) or even whether or not he was even talking about Allentown in the song and not Levittown, the place he grew up. See wikipedia for the full discussion on the matter. I have yet to decide which place I will go to…perhaps all of them?

Other songs include:

Take It Easy – The Eagles whilst standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona

New York, New York – Liza Minelli whilst eating a hot dog in Central Park. I chose Liza’s original version rather than the somewhat more well-known Frank Sinatra version, as I adore her as Lucille 2 in Arrested Development. If I grow up to be a crazy old woman like Liza, I will be a happy crazy woman. Plus the next song is a Sinatra song and I don’t want to seem like some kind of Sinatra whore. Which I am.

My Kind of Town – Frank Sinatra whilst eating crazy deep dish pizza in Chicago.

Till tomorrow



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3 Responses to “23/365: Start spreading the news”

  1. Liv Bambola Says:

    Oh my god! Your cool factor just increased ten fold. Billy Joel : Allentown. Win.

    Life’s soundtracks are awesome. We had moments in Europe where there would be a busker or performer & their music totally fit that point in time. They became snippets of our soundtrack of travel. 🙂

  2. Mags Says:

    Oh my! A Pixar postcard!


  3. Sarah Says:

    I think we are constantly making our own soundtrack but just not aware of it at that particular point in time…. Ever here a song and it takes you right back to a particular event or period in your life?… there you go song number 26 from your soundtrack.

    I still tink of you when i hear Jump Around : ) or better still Don’t Call Me Baby ha ha ha what a night!!

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