42/365: Panda Licorice

Sent 12 May 2010

I am sure there has been many studies on the link between smell and memory, with tomes of scholarly data proclaiming the truth of the matter. I do not have time for tomes, hell I can barely get through my emails at the moment but what more proof do we need than personal experience?

As I trotted down the stairs at work, mind very much anchored in my current reality of editing thousands of photographs, I was smacked back into the past and over to the other side of the world by a smell. My surroundings became hazy, like a mirage, and visions of bumblebees danced playfully in front of my eyes. The smell! Oh the smell! I can’t even describe what it was like….some kind of mixture of oak and pine and buttery toast. Of cool mornings that continue on to cool days. Of vanilla scented incense and freshly brewed tea. And I stood. Stunned. Not wanting to break the spell that had taken hold. It had taken me back to England. On my first trip there, I stayed in a beautiful old manor in Derbyshire and spent my days eating Panda Licorice (anyone who presents me with some of this licorice, you will be forever rewarded by my gratitude. And a dollar) and wandering through deep wet grass watching giant bumblebees chase floppy eared rabbits. It was during the banana crisis in Australia, when we were all paying $2.50 a banana and baking banana bread was simply not an option, so as my Australian friends and I all ate, on average, 4 bananas each day, the locals thought we were….well bananas actually. How fitting.

Twas truly a magical experience, as was the one today when I was taken back there by a smell.

Till tomorrow



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