44/365: Tiger Jumper

Sent 14 April 2010

I spent a greater portion of 2008 rocking a tiger jumper. Well attempting to rock a tiger jumper. I was being ironic, or perhaps I just had a crush on Bret from Flight  of the Conchords and was channeling my love through a replica sweater. I spent hours online, and formulated various search strings in my quest to find it and when I did, oh boy, did I celebrate. I wore it to uni. I wore it to the movies. I wore it to my Grandmother’s house. I waited to see the knowing glance, the thumbs up, anything to let me know that people knew where this jumper was from. But, alas recognition remained elusive.  I was being cool and people didn’t even realise it for god’s sake! Everyone was assuming that I just liked tigers. Which I do. But not that much.

Then finally one day the validation that I so wildly desired, crept up on me when I had basically forgotten why I had even bought the jumper in the first place. I was in the bottle shop, buying my bottle of red, when the gentleman behind the counter pointed at my jumper and said “Bret!” as he handed me my receipt. Golly it was great, and the long hours of searching and the many fruitless attempts at wearing it all suddenly felt worth it and I finally retired the jumper to home wearings only.

Then, just now, I googled Bret Flight of the Conchords Tiger Jumper and the first result was a website where you could purchase the very same jumper I speak of. DAMN IT! Why did I have to be cool before my time?

Oh and the point of today’s postcard that I am, in fact, not that cool at all. Okay.

Till tomorrow


Bret sporting the lovely jumper

It's a jumper. With a tiger on it.


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