48/365: I’m looking for a bearded man

Sent 18 May 2010

When I wander the streets these days, I can’t help but check people out. As I pass an interesting person I begin to stare. Stare more than is acceptable as I think about what kind of photo I would take of them. Whether it be a great pair of glasses, a captivating hair style, or a grin that jumps off their face onto mine, something about them will catch my eye and the staring begins. I’m sure I look a little creepy, especially when I take out my miniature notebook and start taking notes.  *Mental note: don’t try that near schools* But it is, of course, all very innocent as every person out there is just waiting to tell their story and I guess, through taking photos, I try to help them express that.

Till tomorrow



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2 Responses to “48/365: I’m looking for a bearded man”

  1. Jack Says:

    That was probably mad-dog, no doubt he’d try to tell you to ‘F**K OFF!’ if you tried to take a photo of him.

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