57/365: I thought of cake. Then cake appeared.

Sent 27 May 2010

I enjoy restaurants with quirks. Like the Nepalese place that used to clean the tables with windex and the waiter would alter your order if he thought it appropriate. You would go in there for the incredible 12 hour marinated lamb and end up having grilled okra. But it’s okay, their okra is fantastic.

So when I was sitting in Lotus, a vegetarian place in Northbridge, on 70’s styled plastic chairs with puce coloured paper napkins I was pretty sure I had found a winner. I listened to stories about the delightful lady who ran the place who would often force boxes of Mooncakes into your hands as you attempted to leave the place and then laughed when I saw her trying to offload an entire box of persimmons to a patron.

But as the night progressed, the resturant emptied until it was only me and my friend and another table left and it was at this moment that the ceilings broke into song and the place began to smell a little like sulfur. It was someone’s birthday and I couldn’t help but sing along to the catchy Happy Birthday song. There was clapping, there was cheering and there was cake. Oh yes, there was cake. A big chocolately, creamy looking cake and I turned to my friend and said very softly to her, ” I wonder if they will take pity on us and our lack of cake and give us some of theirs?”. Then less than 90 seconds later a charming old woman hobbled over to our table, her hands laden with two plates holding slices of cake and through our profuse thanks we couldn’t help but laugh.

I am a manifestor of cake. Indeed.

Till tomorrow



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