58/365: Pecan Pie

Sent 28 May 2010

I love pie. Who doesn’t? There’s buttery pastry, oozy sugary filling and it often comes with thick double cream that makes you weep a little at the whole overwhelming experience. But even more than eating pie, I love baking it. The only thing that stops me from baking pie daily is the concern of late-onset diabetes. I’ve baked plenty of pies in my time and I know exactly how much sugar goes into each one and my jeans stop fitting just thinking about it.

So to avoid a future of elastic waisted pants, I asked around to see if anyone would eat one of my creations…and, probably quite unsurprisingly, there was plenty of people willing to eat what I cooked, with only a small amount of concern that I may poison them or slip them a love potion. So today I baked my first ever pecan pie and good golly, my house smells sublime.

Till tomorrow.


My pecan pie - it's the diabetes that makes it shiny.


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