59/365: Heavy Brocade Man

Sent 29 May 2010

So I realise that this is the second postcard that I have written about getting frightened by inanimate objects but frankly they can be rather creepy when the lights are low and your eyes all gluey with sleep. Plus this lamp is unusually big, a remnant of days gone by where it would have sat proudly in a high-ceilinged stately mansion.

I bought it off the internet. The photo of it understating its size so dramatically that I am sure a small gasp left my lips when I finally saw it in person. The woman selling it, possibly engaged in a mid-life crisis, had recently redecorated her house in a very minimalist fashion that obviously didn’t call out for dark burgundy brocade lamps. The hour long drive up the freeway in peak hour traffic had let me a little dazed and frustrated and  in my confusion I almost allowed her to sell me another matching floor lamp as well, but luckily I managed to decline before she began stuffing things in my car and demanding more cash.

And although it took a two hour round trip to get and it’s wiring looks a little dodgy, it’s still my favourite lamp.

Till tomorrow


Lovely addressee with postcard no. 59. Thanks dude for the wicked pic. Check out his Flickr for more great photos


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2 Responses to “59/365: Heavy Brocade Man”

  1. Peter Bower Says:

    Hahaha. To anyone reading, this is my postcard.

    Something amusing happened tonight.

    After setting up my flash gear, complete with umbrella, and camera on my tripod, I took photos for Kacy for the site/project of me and my postcard.

    After finishing work on my computer, I started the trek to my bedroom, passed the spare room, and almost had a heart attack when something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye which shouldn’t be there!

    Yeap, the umbrella set up at my height scared the hell out of me!

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