61/365: I love you because you listen to my rants about salt

Sent 31 May 2010

I like to talk. I like to write. I like to rant. And I love to combine all these three. I am rarely lost for words and I understand that sometimes my incessant chattering can be tiring to those around me. I try to be more aware of when I have begun to talk too much and lose the person I am prattling on to, but sometimes I just get carried away. But I think talking can be therapeutic. Sometimes just giving voice to those swirling thoughts that clog up your mind, can bring with it, a heck of a lot of clarity. What only moments before was a befuddled mess, is suddenly a problem with a very clear solution.

And although there is a pleasure in these deep conversations, sometimes you just need to talk. The act of talking is a way of establishing and building relationships. Hell, sometimes it’s just nice to know that people are listening. So when I began to waffle on about the salt I recently bought from my local gourmet deli, and not once did I get interrupted because my choice of conversation was odd, I knew the person I was speaking to was a good friend. In fact, not only did she not interrupt me, I believe she joined in my conversation about salt and somehow made me feel lovely about it.

I think everyone should have a friend who will listen to their rants about salt.

Till tomorrow



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