Sent 15 June 2010

I love cheese. I have mentioned several times that I love cheese, but never has my life been so consumed by cheese as it has in the past 24 hours. I am not sure how it came about but me and a group of my lovely friends decided to travel back to the 70’s for the evening and have a fondue party. For days my Twitter stream was filled with mentions of cheese and the excitement I felt was probably more appropriate for, say the birth of a first child, rather than the prospect of a pot full of melted winey cheese.

So consumed I was with the massive blocks of Gruyere that dominated my kitchen bench, that I didn’t have much time to think about what to write on the day’s postcard. Then I was struck with a moment of brilliance. In a few hours time, my apartment would be full of people who, I was fairly certain, could all hold a pen and maybe even write a legible sentence or two. Why not get them to write the postcard for me? I didn’t think it was cheating because I did write a few words on there as well (I Love Gin, Love Kacy) so I got the postcard ready for when people were a little more liquored up from boozy cheese bread.

So thank you, wonderful pals of mine, who contributed to writing today’s very confusing Fondue Party postcard (And sorry to today’s addressee, if the whole thing makes no sense, and there also could be a few bite marks on the side. Don’t ask. Long story. Did I mention alcoholic cheese?), even though SOME (I won’t name you……GRUM) who also used my postcard for shameless self promotion. But I love him, so it’s okay. Check him out, he’s a delight.

Till tomorrow



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3 Responses to “76/365: CHEEEEESSSE!”

  1. Rashas Says:

    The line of dots and dashes should translate as “I am Drunk” I think…

  2. Rashas Says:

    There was only so much “cleverness” I was capable of by that point in the evening 🙂

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