80/365: When did orange beat mandarin in the flavour stakes?

Sent 19 June 2010

And has anyone else noticed that mandarins are a much handier food to have hanging around? Whilst waiting in the line for the Apple store opening in Perth, the frigid air finding the gaps between my thermal underwear and socks, I began to get hungry, as smells wafted in from nearby cafe’s opening for the morning. A quick peek into my handbag revealed a delight. A mandarin just sitting there, it’s fleshy juicy inside protected from the various other bruise inducing handbag items, by its thick leathery skin. And anyone who is a fan of citrus fruit will know that mandarins are not only easier to open but also far cleaner to eat than your average orange. There were no sticky hands being shoved swiftly back into gloves afterwards. And there was still plenty of delicious sweet juicy goodness.

If there was a vote, I’d be Team Mandarin.

Till tomorrow



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