82/365: Wheel of Sharp Weapons

Sent 21 June 2010

Many of you may know very little about me beyond what I have shared with you on this blog. That being, I like cheese and I promise not to steal garden gnomes. But I am a real person with a bunch of real experiences, one of those being spending a fairly decent amount of time in my past studying Buddhism and spending time with wise and bald ordained people. Though I often consider myself to be an atheist now, I can not ever deny the benefits my Buddhist training has produced and I like to think of myself as a fairly calm and happy person.

One of my favourite stories when I was studying Buddhism was from a text called The Wheel of Sharp Weapons by Dharmaraksita, in which a person engaged in training the mind is likened to a peacock. It is said that although other birds may die when they eat poisonous plants, a peacock will actually thrive on them and it will make their plumage brighter. In this way if we see our adversities as opportunities to practice patience, and to remind ourselves that true happiness will only ever come from a happy state of mind regardless of our external circumstances, then we are transforming our problems into something good. Like the peacock and the poisonous plants.

Till tomorrow



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