88/365: Who framed Roger Rabbit?

Sent 27 June 2010

Many years ago when I was about 9, when hiring out 10 VHS movies on the weekend was second in excitement to the annual trip to the Royal Show, I was, like many girls my age, obsessed with Wizard of Oz. I knew all the songs and watched it at least half a dozen times a year. I begged my mum to buy me ruby slippers and a small dog. So when I realised that there was a sequel called Return to Oz, I was overwhelmed with trembling excitement, visions of dancing, smiling, affable characters flitted through my head. But oh how wrong I was. There was no singing, no benevolent lions whisking Dorothy on a magical adventure but it was instead was filled with many horrors that my 9 year old brain shunned in terror. There was a creepy hospital, an evil princess with many interchangeable heads, none of which sung any kind of upbeat tune, and the worst of all……THE WHEELERS! Oh god. They were the source of my nightmares for many years to come after that.

I don’t think I even made it to the end of Return to Oz, the fear became far too great. So a few years back, as a now much older adult, I decided to rent it out and hopefully put to rest the tormenting memories. And it did. I mean, it was still a rather creepy movie, especially when compared to the Wizard of Oz, but it certainly didn’t hold the fearful power I had thought. And today I did the same thing with Who Framed Roger Rabbit. And though I still shuddered a little when the bad guys voice went all squeaky, I spent most of the movie laughing.

To conquering old fears

Till tomorrow




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