103/365: Let’s tarp the city!

Sent 12 July 2010

I rarely claim to be a genius. Well, besides of course when I do come up with a completely diabolical plan involving an army of dolphins and the GFC, but alas I digress. But as I stood, pondering, on my balcony as a violent wind swept branches and small children down the road in a flurry of rain, a lightbulb moment made me think that maybe I really was a genius.

So we live in a drought-ridden country where water restrictions are policed more heavily than homicides and washing your car on your concrete driveway is a national outrage, likely to end in you being knee-capped. So obviously what we need a little more of is water. Sweet, precious, wet water. And guess what! Water falls from the sky! The problem is that this doesn’t happen often enough. Following me still? So as I stood watching the rain collect in giant puddles on the bitumen, where it would just get in the way and cause people to have wet socks, I thought wouldn’t it be good if we could collect all this rain that falls in the city? Wouldn’t it be great if we could set up some giant tarps in the sky, on occasion, to catch all this rain that would otherwise wet me and make me a little grumpy? Of course we would let it rain normally as well to water our small inner city gardens and such, but imagine the sheer number of litres of wet stuff we could collect with a couple of tarp rain falls a year??

So in conclusion…..vote for me in the next election. I will let you wash your cars on your driveways.

Till tomorrow



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