104/365: Endorphins baby!

Sent 13 July 2010

Though the endorphins and nice smelling boys made me smile, the large amounts of spinning and triple stepping made me realise how unfit I am. My gym membership lays dormant as my calendar is filled with more cultural pursuits and of course a full time job and although I only break into a tiny sweat when I climb the two flights of stairs to my apartment, I remember fondly the days of my super fitdom.

While I was training to climb to Mt Everest base camp about 5 years ago, a fellow loon (aka those who wake up at 6 in the morning, put on a pair of hiking boots, fill a backpack full of water bottles and various other heavy stuff to then proceed to Jacob’s ladder in Kings Park and scamper up and down a concrete stair case until it’s time to go to work) told me that you can lose your fitness in a measly two weeks! It took me almost a year of training to get fit for Everest and after conquering that mountain all it took for my newly found fitness to fail me was a couple of weeks eating Nepalese food with my hands, spending most of my time in a taxi/rickshaw/any mode of transport not involving my own personal movement and eating more Nepalese food with my hands. In fact I think that was the only time I moved. Hand from plate to mouth.

All the while I was thinking that I would return to Perth a wonder woman and everyone would want to date me as I ran past them, my high altitude-trained lungs working at only half steam propelling me forward like a super hero. When I arrived home I found myself puffed as I struggled to pull my suitcase, visions of Super hero-dom vanishing swiftly like of those plates of food I had consumed only days before. I have never regained that fitness, there’s nothing quite like the tallest mountain on earth to get you motivated and funnily enough running the city to surf really didn’t cut it for me, so I remain teetering between exceptional laziness and a more moderate laziness. But perhaps dancing is just the motivation I need to seek out that fitness once again and keep up with those crazy cats I admire from afar.

Till tomorrow



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