107/365: Acronym not Anagram

Sent 16 July 2010

So nobody’s perfect right? All of us have our downfalls and occasionally let our perfect persona crumble. We just hope that when it does, we do it rather privately. Like when I trip over, though I may be bleeding profusely from a limb, I will first check to see if anyone saw me. Blood loss is nothing in comparison to loss of face right? So when I realised that I used the word ANAGRAM on today’s postcard instead of the obviously correct ACRONYM, the literary snob side of me slapped me over the head.

I am not perfect. Sometimes my punctuation is incorrect. And sometimes I cry when there’s no icecream in the freezer. But I reckon I am still kinda lovable.

Till tomorrow


For those of you, like me are rather unfamiliar with a lot of the internet acronyms – here’s a link


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2 Responses to “107/365: Acronym not Anagram”

  1. felixmeister Says:

    Just to be an even worse pedant. NSFW isn’t an acronym, it’s an abbreviation.

  2. felixmeister Says:

    Oh bollocks. I fail as a pedant. 😦
    NSFW is an initialism.

    Acronyms and intilialisms are both types of abbreviations.

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