142/365: High School Reunion

Sent 20 August 2010

My high school reunion should have been tonight but it was cancelled. Why? Because only 5 people RSVP’d. And why would that happen? Because they sent our invitations out to the addresses we were at in high school. Excuse me? You sent something to an address I lived at 10 years ago? You do realise that I have lived in exactly 17,000 different places over the past 10 years, including a Buddhist Centre and that tree down on the corner. You know, the big one.

But as I mentioned, I wasn’t particularly that keen to go. It freaks me out enough that people my age have three children, without actually having to see them. Hell, if I go to one of these things, I may decide it’s time to grow up and buy myself a pipe and elasticated jeans. And believe me, that wouldn’t be pretty. Though if Facebook didn’t exist, my curiosity would have pushed me there, even if it was just to check if I was aging better than everyone else.


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2 Responses to “142/365: High School Reunion”

  1. Matt Says:

    I think you could rock a pipe…not a Ben Cousins kind of pipe, something a little more distinguished, literary even..with a big bowl and perhaps some ivory…

  2. Kritta Says:

    haha so would have made my day if this were my postcard, (not that mine didn’t equally do so!) this is hilarious! i can’t believe only 5 people RSVP’d!? and i agree what coconuts, haven’t they heard of Facebook! pfft

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