162/365: My problem? I type faster than I write.

Sent 9 September 2010

Today I found myself writing a short email to a bunch of friends of mine who are coming round to my place on Monday for pizza. Though it was just a simple reminder of what to bring, my wit poured out like honey,  in a way the I can never recreate when wiritng on a postcard.

I initially stared this project so I would be forced to write even just a little something everyday, but I never anticipated how challenging writing only enough to fit on a postcard would be. Everyone who writes will have different ways to doing so. It’s an organic process that can never be recreated from person to person. I have discovered through this project that my success in writing comes mainly through the ability to type and retype and edit my sentences at least 17 times. To change my mind and replace words as I see fit. I think I am a ‘stream of consciousness’ type writer and find it difficult when writing by hand to keep up with the abundance of thoughts that race through my mind, each one demanding my attention and jostling for position in the forefront of my mind in the hopes they will be committed to paper.

Then I wondered. When did I start typing quicker than I could write?


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