166/365: Now it’s YOUR turn to write

Sent 13 September 2010

Throughout the past 6 months as I have been sending out these postcards a lovely thing has started to occur. I have been getting my very own postcards in the mail and boy do I get excited! I giggle as I take in the often quirky designs on the front. I squint trying to see if I can guess whose handwriting it is before I see their name. Then I plonk it on the fridge to nestle in closely with all the others. And you know what, it makes me feel all those nice squooshy feelings inside knowing that someone went to the effort of writing something meant just for me. And when you write something by hand it’s not just a matter of clicking a button to send it on it’s way. No. Someone has to love you enough to put a stamp on it and walk down to the local postbox. They took at least 10 minutes out of their lives, JUST FOR YOU! Wow.

And today’s addressee, who when he signed up for this project was a mere acquaintance of mine, over the months became my best friend and then my boyfriend. He is one of the most deserving people for the squooshy type love feelings that come from getting something in the mail, so today it’s your  turn. Write him something! His address is right there on today’s postcard if you just move your eyes a little upwards. Send him underwear or musical cards. Send him postcards with naked ladies on it. Send him envelopes full of glitter. Just send him something.

Till tomorrow



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