237/365: Potter Surprise

Sent 23 November 2010

I love surprises. It fits in perfectly with my over excitable nature and my penchant for exuberant praise. I love to be walking down the street and then BAM, shower the person closest to me with gifts they weren’t expecting and possibly not even wanting. Having dedicated a middling portion of my life to surprising my loved ones, you would think I would be great at keeping the surprise…..well, a surprise. That folks, is where I begin to fail.

When planning a surprise, I manage to keep the entire thing a secret for at least 2 hours. But after holding in my excitement for so long, I begin to feel queasy and it is then I reveal a surprise is imminent but continue to guard the date and what exactly the surprise entails. 7 hours later I realise that I have to book my person in for their surprise, lest they have other plans, thus this is when the date is revealed. Then in the weeks and days before the surprise I, at least 3 times a day, ask the surprisee if they have any ideas to what I may have planned. My excitement makes it hard to maintain a poker face if they guess anything correctly hence by this point I have pretty much given everything away. I can’t help it, I just want them to be as excited as I, because we all know that jazz handing on your own is just plain ol boring.

So today, as I pulled the blindfold off my boyfriend in the cinema carpark, having bought Gold Class tickets to the latest Harry Potter movie, I wasn’t that surprised when he revealed we were exactly where he guessed we would be. Consarn it!

Till tomorrow



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2 Responses to “237/365: Potter Surprise”

  1. Robin Ballance Says:

    this was a great card.

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