242/365: Lady and The Tramp

Sent 28 November 2010

I will always remember the day I received Lady and the Tramp on VHS. It was my birthday and it was the first VHS I had ever owned. The cover wasn’t hard plastic like the ones I rented from Movie World. No the cover was squishy and the colours still bright having never been subjected to sitting on a shelf in the sunlight. It was a school day but I remember begging my mum to let me watch it before school, it was my birthday remember and I though VHS viewing allowances would be made on my special day. Alas, I only got to watch the first 10 minutes of it before been shepherded off to school, but nevertheless I will never forget that day.

So where is that VHS now? I’m guessing either the tip or the bottom shelf of a Salvo’s somewhere, probably the same place my DVD’s will be in 10 years. What used to take up a whole cabinet will be stored on a tiny hard drive, or (hopefully) some kind of chip in my head, letting me access it at all times.

Till tomorrow



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One Response to “242/365: Lady and The Tramp”

  1. Mary Anne Says:

    Hi Kacy

    Thank so much for the note. Nice to meet you. I love your “picture”.
    Do you exchange postcards via mail? If so I would like to exchange one with you? Please let me know.

    Till next time. Mary Anne

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