248/365: Giant Mutant Spider on Coke-fuelled Rampage

Sent 4 December 2010

And when I say that “I” managed to get it out, what I really mean is that I froze but managed to pull the car over without screaming or running over any small children, climbed practically onto the boyfriends lap in an attempt to get as far away from spider as possible, he then slipped out from underneath me, walked around the car, opened my door and gently swiped the spider onto the footpath without a single word. My feminist nature betrays me to say that at that moment, he was my hero.

**Side note – title of this post may be a slight exaggeration

**Side note – this postcard was a great find. As I was walking back from the local cafe strip with my boyfriend, he looked down and found this postcard sitting there on the road. It is of a local high school and from the condition of the postcard, I’m guessing it was made quite a few years ago. If anyone has any information on this Perth College postcard, I would love to know!


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One Response to “248/365: Giant Mutant Spider on Coke-fuelled Rampage”

  1. Mary Anne Says:

    Hi Giant Mutant Spider! So very glad to get your postcard. Thank you so much. It is great that you and others take the time to send them.
    Please keep in touch. Have a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

    Mary Anne (snosrap)

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