287/365: The last of the Leonidas

Sent 12 January 2011

A few years back a friend of mine expounded the magnificence of a brand of chocolates and truffles called Leonidas. Luckily for me, he followed up his claims by purchasing me a select few of these delectable chocolates and the moment I put the first Alexandre Le Grand into my mouth I lost the ability to speak for a few minutes. Seriously. I didn’t know what to say and was somewhat afraid that by opening my mouth I would let out some of the fabulousness that was occurring in there. IT WAS AMAZING. Being a chocolate lover, I never thought I would be so blown away by a chocolate, simply because I felt I had tried them all and nothing would top the thousands of varieties I had already consumed. I was wrong.

Years passed and I began to take for granted that the perfect cocoa based treat was on my doorstep. Aways there waiting for me to wander past and pick up a few treats. Until today. A friend of mine on Twitter mentioned that my chocolate shop was closing. The only place that sold Leonidas chocolate in Australia. The one that was just down the road. It was closing. Forever ending the part of my life that was sweetened ever so much by a chocolate to die for. So what else was I to do but write a detailed list of my favourite truffles and pralines and send my boyfriend down there tomorrow to purchase for me the last of my Leonidas chocolates. Perhaps forever? Unless I plan a trip to Belgium.

Till tomorrow



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5 Responses to “287/365: The last of the Leonidas”

  1. Pete Nicholls Says:

    Kacy, it must be co-incidence that Cadbury manufactured their last chocolates last week and have closed down! A sad time for us chocolate lovers!

  2. threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

    Impending chocolate apocalypse?

  3. Mary Anne Augerman Says:

    Hi #287. I am an acquaintance of Kacys. She copies the cards minus the names and send it to me. I just love receiving them. I print them off and put them into a sheet protector and then a binder. They really are the highlight of my day. I am so greatful. Kacys writes so well. She always leaves me hanging. Waiting for another line. You are lucky to have her as a friend.

    Please keep the cards coming!

  4. Michelle Says:

    My favourite chocolate is also Belgian. Must go to Brussels for chocolatey adventures! Although handmade chocolates in Switzerland are also amazing. Maybe a Euro tour of chocolates is in order.

  5. threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

    Ummmmm. YES!

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