The love is being returned

So recently I put my address out there, so people following along with my project could get involved and send me a postcard. And boy o boy have a received a great response so far. They’ve come from Canada, The Netherlands and other far off places and I have been so excited to find them waiting there for me in my post office box. So if you would also like to get involved, you can send me something at

PO Box 1730
East Victoria Park
Western Australia 6981


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One Response to “The love is being returned”

  1. Mary Anne Says:

    Hi Kacy. I am so very happy that you have gotten many nice postcards in your mailbox. I am addicted to postcards so I can appreciate how good it would make you feel. I hope you had a good holiday! Well deserved. You make my day by sending me copies of the cards you send to your friends. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do this. I print them off and put them into a clear sheet protector and then put them into a binder. Continue to enjoy 365 postcards. I know I will as long as you send them to me. Take care. All the best!

    Mary Anne

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