They just keep on coming

When I put my address out there about 3/4 of the way through the project, I don’t think I really expected to receive more than just a couple of postcards, so I am continually surprised when, upon opening my post office box, that day after day there’s something in there for me, sent from all over the world.

These four postcards that I received recently are some of my favourites. The first was sent by someone who also lives in Perth, but what makes this one special is that upon reading my postcard about Perth’s Spiegeltent went along and got one of the Spiegeltent performers to sign my postcard! Very rad.

The second is from a lovely lady who lives in Canada and has not only sent me two postcards now, but frequently comments on the blog with some super sweet words and interesting insight into her own life.

The third was sent in Portuguese which I was able to get translated. It said “I learnt about the project and I am happy to participate. I am a real estate agent in Bauru and I collect postcards”. Thanks goes to a Twitter friend of mine who was able to find someone who spoke Portuguese.

The final one is sent by a friend of mine, who obviously knows me, and my love of tea, rather well.

I am feeling like a really lucky lady these days. Thanks to everyone who has written to me so far and I welcome more postcards from around the world.

Send them to
PO Box 1730
East Victoria Park
Western Australia 6981


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One Response to “They just keep on coming”

  1. Mary Anne Says:

    Kacy I am so glad that you are getting a lot of cards. Thanks for remembering me in your note also. I don’t know that I would do, short of hitting the panic button, if I didn’t hear from you daily. You are one great person.

    Luv, Mary Anne

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