352/365: Twilight Hawkers Market

Sent 18 March 2011


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2 Responses to “352/365: Twilight Hawkers Market”

  1. Mary Anne Says:

    Hi Kacy:

    I dropped you a postcard today. I have not heard for you in a few weeks. I just want to be sure you are okay????? If you do not feel like sending me any more postcards that is fine. Just what about you??

    Mary Anne

    • threesixtyfivepostcards Says:

      Hi Mary Anne!
      Thanks for your message. I am indeed okay but unfortunately for you my postcard project is over! It only ran from the 1 April 2010 to the 31 March 2011. I have sent you an actual postcard in the post, which i hope to still continue, but in regards to the emailed postcards, that will stop. Sorry!

      Thanks for following along and the lovely words you have sent my way over the past few months.


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